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Nath Milburn - Director/Producer/Editor/Colorist
Natalie Saint-Martin - Performer/Producer
David J. Holman - Music Producer
Haley D. Saunders - DP
Garret Kiger - Key Grip
Joby Helms - Grip
Nicole Behling - Hair / Make-up
Townsend Wilkinson - BTS Photographer
Kevin Barrios - PA/Sound
Jackson Stone - PA

Natalie Saint-Marin's Changing Places (2023 - live-action music video)
runtime / 4 minutes

Changing Places was written about women being objectified, sexualized and abused. Like the skin we were told to powder and pluck, tirelessly we have fought for our individualized freedom… to be free from exploitation. Though our voices that fight for change may be misunderstood, while the voice of societal, misogynistic norms scream in the night, the only constant in life is change.

Natalie Saint-Marin's Changing Places Acoustic (2023 - live-action music video)
runtime / 4 minutes


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