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Luke Baker - Director/Writer/Editor
Nath Milburn - Producer/Colorist
TJ Gonzalez - Producer/VFX

Doug Long - Billy Hoople
Emilie Soghomonian - Sara
Havon Baraka - Bob
Brent Minderler - Dandy
Rudolph Whitcomb - Priest

Haley D Saunders - Director of Photography
Yorgo Tzoytzoyrakos - 1st AC
Jessie McCollum - Hair/Make-Up/SFX
Robert Julin - Gaffer
Michael Haggerty - Grip
Will Kioultzopoulos - Boom Operator/Sound Recordist
Cassidy McCollion Robideaux - Sound Designer/Mix
Alex Sanford - Production Assistant

Billy Hoople (2021 - comedy/horror short film)
runtime / 6 minutes

After purchasing an old picker-upper Victorian home, young couple, Bob and Sara, call upon an unconventional exorcist to rid them of an aggressive spector. Billy Hoople, exorcist, mystic protector, and exterminator of any and all varmints natural or otherwise.



lil' spooky fest - Official Selection
Horror Bowl Movie Awards - Official Selection
Austin Lift-Off Film Festival - Official Selection
Tokyo Lift-Off Film Festival - Official Selection
Toronto Lift-Off Film Festival - Official Selection